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Gigspot of the Week
11/20 American Diamonds Recordings Showcase WCL Philly
11/21 Moon Hooch, Out of the Beardspace, Flux Capacitor at Abbey Bar
11/22 Lavacave at Lancaster Dispensing Co
  • Abbey Bar
  • New Music by Jake Lewis and the Clergy
  • New Music by Jessica Smucker
  • Pressing Strings sing their Song For the Suffering at Jam at the Dam
  • Kaleigh Baker east coast tour included Jam at the Dam
  • Skribe was in the Belly of the Beast at Jam at the Dam
  • New Music by Pete Bush and Hoi Polloi
  • Medusa's Disco confirmed for WILMO Rock Circus 11/29
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Freestyle Flights of Wine @ The Sellersville Theater
Skillet Fries 1/2 off 6-8pm @ Cafe 210 West
Live Nation pres TWIABP @ World Cafe Live Philadelphia
Boris Garcia, Karmic Repair Company: US @ World Cafe Live Philadelphia
The Hackensaw Boys, Coal Town Rounders @ Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Company
NRBQ, Miss Tess and The Talkbacks @ The Sellersville Theater
US Rails, Nik Everett: US @ World Cafe Live at The Queen
Lovers League: folk-rock fun! @ McCleary's Public House
Slimfit: rowdy Americana @ Lancaster Dispensing Company
Maitland w/ Joanna Warren @ Bullfrog Brewery


Gourmet Burger, draft, pitcher specials @ Cafe 210 West
Gourmet Burger, draft, pitcher specials @ Cafe 210 West